For Prolec GE reliability is not optional… we work every day to go beyond that!

April 2017, by Manuel Resendiz, VP Power Transformers.

In the energy industry, it is imperative for our customers to be able to trust their power supplier in all areas, from energy production to power distribution at the different points of consumption. Therefore, it is extremely important to align all the components of its system for guaranteeing an excellent operation.

Prolec GE has worked successfully for more than 40 years in the power transformer business, always ensuring our customers satisfaction. Throughout these years, we have developed our best practices, aligning our processes to be customer-oriented, addressing their current needs and working along them on any concerns they might have for the future. As a result, we have developed strong relationships as business partners of leading energy producers, distributors, and users in North America.

One way in which this customer-oriented approach is reflected is our organizational structure in charge of serving the different market areas and providing reliable solutions to their specific needs; also, our human talent, having a vast experience in the industry, is key for providing dependable and timely support to our customers in all of their projects.

The service warranty for our customers is supported by our Xignux work culture, which translates into our day-to-day practice of the values that sustain it, which are: respect for every person, integrity, team work, responsibility, innovation and customer-oriented service. This along with our passion for attention to detail, leads us to exceeding our customers’ expectations and optimizing our service manufacturing processes.

We are convinced that by keeping our customer-oriented approach, we will continue providing benefits to our customers, company and community, while ensuring we remain competitive, efficient and leaders in the markets we serve.

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