Together we develop better transformation solutions for the electric energy industry

Our goal is to expand and maintain our market leadership, by offering tailored customer service, superior quality products, comprehensive solutions, and on-time deliveries.

Comprehensive solutions and on-time delivery of products.

We contribute to the generation of intelligent energy that brightens your world.

Power Transformer

Up to 1,000 MVA

We participate in each stage of the cycle that brings energy to the different points of consumption.

Shunt Reactor

Up to 120 MVAr


Up to 1,000 MVA

Phase Shifter

Up to 400 MVA

HVDC Converter

Up to 450 MVA

Power Transformer

Up to 1,000 MVA

We build the best products that transform the energy that goes to your home.

Single phase pole type

Up to 167 kVA

Three Phase Pole Type

Up to 150 kVA

Single Phase Pad-mounted

Up to 167 kVA

Three Phase Pad Mounted

Up to 4,000 kVA

Voltage Regulator

Up to 833 KVA

Transformer "network"

Up to 2,500 kVA

Three-Phase Submersible

Up to 500 kVA

Station Type Transformer

Up to 500 kVA

Substation type transformer

Up to 28,000 kVA


Up to 540 kVA

Power Transformer

Up to 1,000 MVA

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