Prolec Energy Solutions

About Prolec Energy Solutions

At Prolec Energy Solutions, we’re geared up for the present and future. Our focus is on staying ahead, growing with new technologies, and partnering with strategic allies, universities, and research centers.

We’re your go-to for comprehensive solutions that match your current and future needs. Our track record of innovation shines through in products like the smart transformer, offering remote measurement, disconnection, fault detection, and communication.

Trusted and secure, Prolec Energy Solutions tackles industry challenges:

  • Eco-friendly insulating fluids for transformers
  • Unique monitoring solutions for transformers
  • User-friendly measurement and remote connection/disconnection solutions
  • Optimized renewable energy generation
  • Smart use of distributed energy

With us, energy solutions are simple, innovative, and ready for whatever comes next.

Energy Solutions / Technology

We are empowering the future of power and shaping the future of energy through innovation and collaboration in the generation, transmission and distribution of power.

Energy Solutions / Technology