Transformer Assembly, Installation and Commissioning

You’ve purchased a new transformer, but there’s SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED!  Waukesha® Service has the capability and equipment to completely assemble and install your transformers, whether manufactured by Prolec GE Waukesha or other suppliers worldwide.  Waukesha® Service can also disassemble units that may need to be moved.

Waukesha Service Technician Bushing Installation

Installation Capabilities

We can start with receiving inspection at the rail siding, port of entry, substation site or wherever the unit is located, and then assemble all parts that were removed for shipment to make the transformer operational. If the unit was shipped oil-filled and the oil level needs to be lowered to install bushings or other parts, Waukesha® Service can get it done.

Waukesha Service® can arrange for oil tank trucks to be on-site for oil storage or hauling, and we can bring in one of our many oil processing rigs. Using your specifications, the transformer manufacturer’s specifications or ours, our Service Team can vacuum degasify and prepare new oil for installation, pull vacuum on the transformer and professionally complete the vacuum oil-filling process.

Your transformer is one of the most expensive and important components in your substation, and you can be confident that the skilled Waukesha® Service team will assemble and install it right.

Your local rep may involve an experienced Prolec GE Waukesha project engineer to thoroughly understand the scope of your work before providing a quotation. Our field service managers are also ready to guide our technicians to efficiently and accurately complete the contracted work to your satisfaction within the agreed upon timeframe.

Prolec GE Waukesha has the equipment, experience and capability to complete repairs and/or upgrades you may elect to perform on your older transformers before or after relocation, such as insulation dryouts, bushing replacements, LTC repairs/upgrades, natural ester retrofill, etc.; combining services can minimize costs and transformer downtime.

Wide Range of Tests Available

  • Doble® Power Factor Test of Windings
  • Doble® Power Factor Test of Bushings
  • Doble® Surge Arrester Test
  • Core Insulation Measurements
  • TTR (Transformer Turns Ratio)
  • Winding Insulation Resistance
  • Winding Excitation
  • Winding Resistance
  • CT (Current Transformer) Ratio, Polarity and Saturation
  • Operational Check of Controls
  • Calibration of Gauges
  • Low Volt Impedance Test (Leakage Reactance)
  • Doble® Sweep Frequency Response Analysis
  • Phase Relation
  • Materials & Oil Testing:
    • Oil General Chemistry
    • DGA (Dissolved Gas Analysis)
    • Furfural Analysis
    • Particle Count
    • Metals-in-Oil Analysis
    • Degree of Polymerization

Other Installation Capabilities