LTC Upgrades

Load Tap Changer Upgrade Solutions

Waukesha® Service is available to properly install and maintain almost any LTC upgrades you choose. Professional and experienced project managers and field service technicians will handle your project turnkey. Upgrading your aging load tap changer is a consideration if you’re looking to improve reliability and availability while reducing maintenance time and costs. Regardless of the LTC brand you have, product improvements, enhancements and LTC maintenance recommendations may be available that can extend the life of this critical power system asset.

Components & Accessories

Improved LTC components & accessories are available from Prolec GE Waukesha’s Components Group, including replacement contacts manufactured with our proprietary ELR® (Extra Low Resistance) material that reduces the probability of filming and coking.

Retrofit LTC Oil Filtration Systems

Retrofit LTC oil filtration systems are available to keep your LTC oil clean. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a standard Retrofit unit (Patent No. 6,062,821), our Retrofit-Plus Oil Filtration System (Patent Pending) or our 2nd generation compact system with unique high efficiency filter design and tilt-out easy filter change system.

Arcing in oil generates carbon which holds moisture and increases arcing time, resulting in reduced contact life and increased maintenance costs. Keeping the oil clean of carbon with an on-line oil filtration system has helped many utilities significantly extend LTC contact life and the time between maintenance cycles.

Regenerating Breathers

Our patented dehydrating breathers are another component to consider (Patent No. 5,902,381) to improve reliability and lower maintenance costs on your LTCs. Since the breather’s silica gel is kept dry automatically using its own heater, your crews no longer need to replace saturated silica gel in the field.

Keeping LTC oil dry increases the dielectric withstand capabilities of the oil. High moisture content in the oil can also accelerate the formation of filming and coking, so keeping the oil dry will help improve reliability and reduce maintenance costs

LTC Upgrades

Complete load tap changer upgrades are also available from the Components Group. Significant improvements have been made in certain models of LTCs. For example, we have reverse-engineered and improved the internal components of the GE LRT200, and the complete new unit can be easily replaced in the field. You can either send us your old GE LRT200 to refurbish, or we can send you a new LRT200-2 so you can reduce the change-out time in the field, and then send us your old unit later.

Contact our Components Group by phone at 800-338-5526 to discuss your needs or fill out our Components Request form.

Components Request

Switches & Components

New and improved switches and components for a variety of older and current model LTCs are also manufactured by Prolec GE Waukesha in Dallas. Components have been redesigned to solve many of the factors that have caused problems in these devices, such as the new UTT/UTT-A cam switch assembly.

LTC Training

LTC training for your team can also help you properly maintain your equipment. Experienced instructors at our training facility in Dallas, Texas, offer classes throughout the year on several LTC models. Training can also be scheduled at your facility if that’s most convenient and cost-effective for you. For a more information visit our LTC courses page.

LTC Courses