Oil Filtration Systems

Reduce Oil-Related Maintenance Costs and Improve Reliability

Prolec GE Waukesha offers three models of LTC oil filtration systems as part of our Transformer Health Products® line: 2nd Generation (OF2), Retrofit, and Retrofit-Plus. Each of our oil filtration systems are designed to be installed on most LTC models to remove carbon and metallic particles produced during normal LTC operation, keeping oil in peak condition with minimal maintenance. For flexible operation, all oil filtration systems include an adjustable timer which allows customers to configure the system to their specifications—daily, every other day, weekly or every other week in intervals of two, four, eight and 24 hour run times.


Our OF2 features a tilt-out, tool-free filter change system for easy replacements as well as a 5+ gallon leak-catch sump with sump alarm, low flow alarm, high pressure alarm, anti-condensation cabinet heater, remote system shutdown relay and heavy duty circuit breaker on incoming power. And because filter replacement does not require pump reversal or shutdown, dirty oil stays in the filter while system oil stays clean and in peak condition.


Our Retrofit-Plus oil filtration system was designed to meet the filtration demands of higher oil volume load tap changers (greater than 200 gallons) while providing flexibility to meet individual customer specifications. This system provides filtration with an oil flow rate range from 3 to 4 GPM, motor choices of 1/4 to 1/2 horsepower and is adaptable to a variety of industry-standard filters.

With the appropriate filter installed, the Retrofit-Plus and OF2 oil filtration systems can remove dissolved water and extremely fine carbon and metallic particles to maintain peak performance of LTC oil, extend the life of your equipment and lengthen the period between maintenance intervals.

Standard Retrofit

Our Standard Retrofit oil filtration system features a compact, lightweight design that permits easy installation. Pump maintains a flow rate of 1.8 GPM to minimize tank turbulence. Sealed, environmentally-friendly filter canister eliminates the mess and hassle created when working with traditional filter cartridges. New filters ship filled with oil, eliminating the need to supply make-up oil. For customers who have our standard filter but would like to standardize on something else, we offer an adapter kit to make this system compatible with a variety of industry-standard filters.

Oil filtration system with door open Image of Oil Filtration Retrofit Plus Images of Oil Filtration Retrofit Man changing filter in Oil Filtration System

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For system specifications and detailed drawings as well as part number configurations on our oil filtration systems, please download our OF2 – 2nd Generation LTC Oil Filtration System and Retrofit & Retrofit Plus LTC Oil Filtration Systems brochures.

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