Wildlife Guards

Bushing and Polymer Surge Arrester Self-Extinguishing Guards

Prolec Celeco® wild life guards prevent outages caused by wildlife contact to exposed bushings and surge arresters on overhead distribution transformers. This prevention is achieved by covering the high voltage terminals on the bushings and surge arresters, preventing accidental contact by animals. 

The contact risk points on surge arresters and bushings are typically from a phase-to-ground contact. By covering these contacts, the contact risk is reduced.  

Wildlife Guards 
  • Polymer surge arrester self-extinguishing guard 
  • Bushing self-extinguishing guard 
  • Arrester bracket self-extinguishing guard
Self-Extinguishing Guards:
  • Prevent harm to wildlife
  • Fit all common brands of polymer arresters
  • Easy installation and retrofit
  • Innovative and superior snap fit for installation; no taping necessary to remain securely located in place
  • Robust and rigid material
  • Enhanced polypropylene resin for long service life
  • Achieve a V0 flammability classification, the highest rating for UL94 test standard
  • Flame retardant material
  • Passed the IEEE standard 1656-2010™ tests:
    • Hi-pot (exceeded 24kV)
    • Cold temperature
    • Retention
    • Ultraviolet aging




Manufacturing Facility

Our wildlife guards are manufactured at Prolec Celeco, located in Monterrey, Mexico, supporting both American continents’ distribution transformer markets.

Prolec Celeco