Markets Served

Prolec® serves a wide range of industries dedicated to power generation, transmission and distribution

We help power many industries with a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality, reliable electric energy solutions. From power transformers and distribution transformers to components and services, our offerings help ensure a reliable and continuous supply of power and serve as the backbone of modern infrastructure and operations.

No matter what industry you’re in, we’re dedicated to delivering:

Exceptional products. Our wide range of products are engineered and designed with the highest level of quality and reliability to exceed industry standards and customer expectations.

Trusted expertise. Our technical expertise is second to none, which allows us to develop high-quality components and engineered-to-order transformers that address the unique requirements and budgets of each market.

End-to-end service. We are committed to giving customers a great experience, from the first point of contact through engineering, installation, aftermarket parts and service in the field.

Cross-market experience. Because we serve multiple sectors, we can apply knowledge from one area to benefit another. This means that, regardless of your industry or specific needs, you can trust Prolec to deliver a solution that works for your application.