Surge Arresters

High Quality and Reliable Surge Arresters

What are surge arresters?

Surge arresters are protective devices that limit transitory overvoltage waves in a system, caused by temporal current discharges. Arresters are typically connected to power lines at one end and to the ground at the other end.  

Distribution-type arresters are most commonly used to protect distribution systems and equipment against over voltages in lines and networks, such as distribution transformers, reclosers, and capacitor banks. 

Prolec Celeco® arresters are manufactured in Monterrey, Mexico, and comply with current CFE VA410-43 and NMX-J-321-ANCE national standards as well as with other international standards, such as IEC60099-4, IEEE C62.11. For safety reasons, our surge arresters are designed not to fragment when overloaded. 


How do surge arresters work?

When a phenomenon that generates an overvoltage wave occurs in the system, the arrester (non-linear resistance) will operate, causing said wave to pass through its valves, discharging it to the ground, and preventing damage to the system. 

Metal oxide arresters (zinc oxide) work under the previously mentioned principle by having high capacity zinc oxide valves to drain surges to ground.  

Arresters are used to protect electrical equipment and networks. They are designed to limit transient surge waves caused by a temporary current discharge. 

Prolec Celeco® manufactures polymeric lightning arresters with a reliable design and high-quality components. 

Types of surge arresters

Different types of arresters with various voltage ratings exist in distribution class:  heavy duty and riser pole with voltage ratings from 3 kV to 36 kV.  

Riser pole arresters also belong to the distribution class, with a main characteristic being improved residual voltage capabilities, which allow greater protection against surges in electrical networks. 

They are used in aerial-underground transitions, where the equipment is used to protect conductors and equipment of underground networks. 


  • Ratings from 3 kV to 36 kV 
  • Heavy duty and riser pole type 
  • NEMA cross arm and transformer configuration 

Manufacturing Facility

Our surge arresters are manufactured at our facility located in Monterrey, Mexico, supporting both American continents’ distribution transformer markets.

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