Oil Drip Guard for Draw-Out Expulsion Fuse Holders

Prolec Celeco® drip guard for use in draw-out expulsion fuse holders prevents the dripping of transformer insulating fluids onto the ground or encountering rubber-molded terminators, cables, arresters, when the fuse is removed. These guards protect rubber products that may be not compatible with certain transformer insulating fluids from damage and avoid oil spillage.  

Innovative and unique positive latching mechanism helps prevent accidental removal yet permits removal by hand when necessary. 


  • Accommodate the drip guard ears around the neck of the draw-out expulsion fuse holder
  • Hold both halves of the ears
  • Press to introduce the snap fit into the cage until lock it
  • To remove drip guard, push up the snap and extract to open and remove it

Manufacturing Facility

Our accessories are manufactured at Prolec Celeco located in Monterrey, Mexico, supporting both American continents’ distribution transformer markets.

Prolec Celeco