Voltage Regulators

Leading the Charge in Voltage Management

The voltage on modern distribution circuits is becoming increasing difficult to manage. New distributed energy resources, such as solar, combined with the growth of sophisticated loads creates voltage challenges on distribution network systems. Prolec GE’s family of voltage regulators are cost effective, robust solutions to regulate voltage without comprising quality and reliability, providing a total cost of ownership that is nearly 20% better than competing products.

Low Cost of Ownership
  • 20 years maintenance free operation
  • Only voltage regulator on the market that does not come with a required maintenance program
  • Best in class Load Tap Changer (LTC) switch, with proven 2 million mechanical operations
  • Superior internal arrester provides less stress to the coil under lightning/impulse surge events
Standards Compliant
  • Fully complies with ANSI requirements and IEEE standards
  • Design validated by KEMA® to adhere to the latest IEEE C57.15-2017 standards
  • Units exceed the full ANSI® rating (40x rated current)
  • Heavy duty lifting lugs on cover and tank
Flexible Design
  • Standardized plug and play design provides flexibility to integrate multiple controllers
  • Compatible with multiple state of the art, microprocessor programmable controls
  • One cabinet fits most standard control modules
  • Newly designed control cabinet configurable for most control/communication options; meets NEMA® 3R/4 and UL50 requirements
  • Forward and reverse power flow measurements for proper volt-var management

Prolec GE Voltage Regulators comply with IEEE® C57.15-2017 and NEMA® 4, and are independently certified by KEMA® for exceptional short-circuit performance at 40x rated current, surpassing the industry standard (25x rated current).

Pole-Mounted Voltage Regulators

The Prolec GE Pole-Mounted/Platform-Mounted Voltage Regulator (VR-PM) is the premium product for voltage control outside the substation and has established the benchmark in the industry for robust design and operational reliability. It is the only voltage regulator on the market that is guaranteed to support 2 million switch operations.

  • Ratings: 38 – 333kVA
  • Voltage: HV up to 34.5 kV
VR-1 Manual GEH-7299A

Substation Voltage Regulators

Prolec GE Substation Voltage Regulator (VR-SS) is a single phase voltage regulator that manages each phase independently in the event of unbalanced loads, and provides redundancy when compared to an individual 3-phase unit.

  • Ratings: 100 – 833 kVA
  • Voltage: HV up to 34.5 kV
Voltage Regulator Brochure
voltage regulators in georgia in substation platform mounted voltage regulators in substation voltage regulator with open control box exposing GE control

Voltage Regulator School

Prolec GE will be hosting Voltage Regulator training at Margaritaville Resort Casino from September 17-20, 2024.    

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Manufacturing Facility

Prolec GE voltage regulators are manufactured in our facility located in Shreveport, LA.

This site specializes in manufacturing voltage regulators, pad-mounted and network transformers for the energy distribution industry for utility companies.

Prolec GE Shreveport

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