LTC Services

Load Tap Changer Services

Waukesha® Service offers comprehensive expertise in servicing a wide range of load tap changers (LTCs) commonly used across the U.S.A. Our experienced team conducts thorough condition assessments to pinpoint issues and recommend strategies for enhancing reliability and lifespan of your LTCs. Operating from our Components Group headquarters in Dallas, Texas, we ensure efficient service delivery by providing complete parts kits, ensuring swift on-site repairs without delays. This streamlined process translates into significant time and cost savings for our clients. Additionally, equipped with state-of-the-art tools and skilled manpower, our Service Team efficiently handles oil removal for in-tank inspections, facilitating thorough maintenance or replacement of LTC oil as needed.

LTC Maintenance

Waukesha® Service can make necessary repairs or adjustments:

  • Replace old or worn gaskets
  • Fix leaks
  • Replace contacts, check alignment and timing
  • Provide and replace phase moldings and tap heads
  • Replace complete internal operating mechanisms on some models of tap changers
  • Check the regulating relays for proper operation
  • Engineer or upgrade load sharing schemes
  • Proper LTC oil maintenance can reduce arcing times and extend contact life. To keep your LTC oil clean and dry, our Service & Components Division can provide and install maintenance-saving devices, such as oil filtration systems and auto-recharging dehydrating breathers

Comprehensive LTC Maintenance Training

Unlock the full potential of your LTC maintenance capabilities with our exclusive training programs offered by the Components Group in Dallas, Texas. Designed to cater to the evolving needs of industry professionals, our comprehensive classes cover several of the most prevalent models of tap changers in operation today.

Led by seasoned instructors, our training sessions, held at our Dallas facility, combine theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience, utilizing operational tap changers to provide a dynamic learning environment.

We understand the importance of convenience and cost-effectiveness, which is why we also offer the option to schedule a personalized training at your facility.

For further details, click here to visit our dedicated LTC Training page.