On-Site LTC Training

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Recognizing the demand in the electric power industry for a structured program that teaches knowledge and product-specific skills to accurately troubleshoot and repair transmission and distribution system equipment, Prolec GE Waukesha’s technical experts developed a series of LTC maintenance training courses.

On-Site LTC Training

In addition to offering these courses regionally throughout the year and at our training facility in Dallas, Texas, we can also hold training for your company personnel at a site of your choice. If you’re interested in scheduling a class at your site, please complete and submit the following form. Our training sales team will contact you within 2 business days.

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Standard Class Format

The standard class format is for travel to the customer's site as well as setup of the equipment and classroom on Monday. Tuesday is the first day of the class. Each day of the class will be a full day (8 hrs) in length or as selected by the customer in the above section. The first day of the class will cover the "Theory of Operation" as well as specific information on the selected models in the above section. The number of models selected for each class drives the length (in days) of the class as well as the information covered each day of the class. One model is a two day class; two models, a three day class and three models, a four day class. This is the STANDARD format for our classes. If you wish to modify the standard to better meet your needs, this can be done in the section below. All modifications need to be reviewed, accepted and signed by both the customer and Waukesha.
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Note: Travel and/or classes conducted on weekend days and/or holidays will result in an increased price to cover overtime. The class date(s) are: