Regenerating Breathers

Evolution of Breather Engineering

Our automatic dehydrating breathers take a big step forward in regenerating breather technology.  Featuring a streamlined design and robust, quality construction, these breathers can be configured for virtually every tank size or environment.


Dual Column Breather

The Dual Column Breather (DCB) is the first breather that does not need to isolate itself from the transformer or LTC during its regeneration cycle. With its dual column design, when one side needs to regenerate, the other side takes over, using a recharged column of silica to provide dry air to the transformer or load tap changer (LTC). This design also allows you to specify the DCB for multiple applications, from the smallest LTCs to the largest transformers — a single specification for your entire system!

In addition to the improved design, we added several features to our product:
  • Optional communication and monitoring capabilities
  • Aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Borosilicate glass globes
  • Super bright LED indicators
  • Time and humidity based regeneration
  • Available DIN flange mounting
  • Latching solenoid for improved reliability
  • Standard alarm contacts for remote alerts
  • Conduit wiring that doesn’t require an adapter box
  • Arctic model for environments –50ºC to –80ºC

All of our breathers ship with an environmentally-friendly and enhanced performance clear silica gel.


During regeneration, a heating element located inside the breather assembly heats the partially saturated silica gel, driving moisture out. This moisture condenses on the borosilicate glass, forming free water, which then flows down the glass and out the bottom vent.


Single Column Breather

Our new Single Column Breather (SCB) is the economical solution for all your breather needs! Using the same technology as our proven dual column design, this breather efficiently dehydrates the air coming into your transformer then regenerates the desiccant while the transformer is not “inhaling,” thereby keeping moisture out.

  • Sealed/Latching solenoid for improved reliability
  • Aluminum and stainless steel construction for durability
  • Borosilicate glass globe resists weather-related etching
  • Sealed, super bright 10,000 mcd LED indicators on control box provide easy visual indication of breather status, even in direct sunlight
  • Time-based regeneration settings included
  • Standard alarm contacts for remote alerts
  • Adapter plate enables easy upgrade from ARDB2
  • Conduit wiring does not require adapter box
  • All of our breathers ship with an environmentally-friendly and enhanced performance clear silica gel

Our single column breather utilizes vacuum switch technology to sense when the transformer is inhaling, ensuring that moist air is not introduced into the oil. If this interruption occurs, the control firmware “teaches” the breather to shift the next regeneration to an ideal time. A vertical mounted latching solenoid in the breather will not overheat the electronics inside and ensures that the airflow stops when regeneration of the silica is safe.

Single Column Breather airflow diagram Dual Column Breather on a transformer Dual Column Breather airflow diagram

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