Prolec LABS

About Prolec Labs

Prolec Labs began operations in 2011, dedicated to making better products through research and testing. Our labs cover a range of areas, from materials and electronics to virtual simulation. We focus on digital and power electronics systems, testing materials for transformers and insulation. One of our accomplishments is VG-100® , an eco-friendly natural ester fluid.

Our expertise includes testing high-temperature insulation and creating solutions for monitoring transformers. We collaborate on research projects with specialists worldwide.

What Sets Us Apart:
  • Skilled specialists
  • Fast development
  • Advanced tools

We stay at the forefront of our field by working with global research centers and consultants.

Latest Innovation Solutions
  • World’s first flexible autotransformer
  • VG-100® natural ester fluid for transformers
  • Extra-low sound large power transformer (-25 dB)
  • Flexible transformer solutions for the renewable market
  • Power transformer for offshore wind applications


VG-100® Natural Ester

VG-100® is an insulating fluid developed by Prolec Labs and used in electrical transformers to enhance performance and provide advanced insulating properties. VG-100® stands out for its environmentally-friendly characteristics, contributing to environmental protection.