Empowering the Americas: 50+ Years of Tailored Power Solutions Illuminating the Future

For more than 50 years, we have developed power transmission and distribution solutions tailored to meet the complex needs of power utilities throughout the Americas. Our products and expertise in this market help maximize energy efficiency and contribute to the generation of intelligent energy that brightens the world.  


  • Investor-owned utilities 
  • Public power utilities 
  • Combined cycle plants 
  • Hydroelectric plants 
  • Conventional generation plants 

Prolec’s utilities solutions deliver

  1. Long-term support. We’ve spent decades cultivating trusted relationships with utilities, often selling and installing thousands of products to the same company over many years. These enduring partnerships are a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering solutions that support utilities in delivering reliable and sustainable power to communities across the Americas.
  2. Quality. There’s a reason we’re known as experts in this field. Our products are built with the highest quality components, ensuring optimal performance and reliable power transmission to meet the ever-growing demands of modern utilities.
  3. Reliability. We offer the best, most reliable products and services to continuously deliver power to the grid while meeting the industry’s regulatory bodies’ stringent standards, helping you avoid penalties and fines by keeping you up and running.

Contact us to discover products for the utilities market.  info@prolec.energy