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Voltage Control Solutions

With the introduction of distributed generation, roof-top solar and the proliferation of complex variable speed drives, the electrical network is experiencing new dynamics that have to be managed. All of these adoptions in technology create a significant challenge for stabilizing the voltage on the network.

Prolec GE voltage regulation specialty equipment is tailored to meet these unique needs of the power industry. With a focus on innovation, reliability, and efficiency, our shunt reactors and voltage regulators are designed to optimize power distribution, ensuring seamless operations and maximizing productivity for our clients.

Whether you need voltage control inside or outside the substation, Prolec GE has voltage control solutions to fit your electrical needs.

render of Prolec GE voltage regulator

 Voltage Regulator Applications
  • Single-phase voltage regulation
  • Pole/Platform-mounted voltage regulators provide precise control of the voltage profile at specific locations within the circuit where needed.
  • Substation voltage regulators adjust the voltage level of a specific feeder to safely operate all loads from the transformer at the intended voltage.


Rounded shunt reactor render
Shunt Reactor Applications
  • Networks with distributed generation (e.g. solar, wind).
  • Strongly varying loads powered through long lines or underground cables.
  • Changing networks as additional transmission infrastructure is being installed to improved overall system reliability.



Contact us to learn more about our shunt reactors and voltage regulators, and discover how we can help optimize your power systems for maximum efficiency and reliability.