LTC Retrofits

Load Tap Changer Retrofits for Your Existing Transformer

Do you have older transformers with reactive bridging LTCs that are way past their prime? Is your equipment unreliable and giving you a big time maintenance headache?

Waukesha® Service is the team to call! We can replace that old reactive-bridging tap changer with a new reactive-bridging, vacuum-arcing style LTC to help improve transformer reliability, reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of your assets. Our project engineers and field service technicians can handle the project turnkey, including:

  • Draining the oil from your transformer and LTC
  • Disconnecting and cutting the old LTC away
  • Modifying the preventive auto (if necessary)
  • Fabricating a transition cubical
  • Supplying a new Reinhausen Type RMV-II or ABB VRLTC load tap changer
  • Mounting the RMV-II or VRLTC onto your transformer

Our experienced crews will also modify the control wiring as needed and can upgrade to a new regulating relay so that the new LTC will function as expected.

Bare metal will be primed and painted so the job looks like new, and, following vacuum filling, the transformer and LTC will be retested to check for proper operation.

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