Low Voltage Components

Low Voltage Transformer Components & Accessories


Prolec Celeco is a renowned leader in the manufacturing of electrical equipment and distribution transformer components for OEMs and electrical utilities, serving both the T-MEC and international markets for over 40 years. Our dedicated team designs and manufactures tailored solutions to meet the needs and specifications of our customers. Leveraging state-of-the-art equipment and engineering processes, we provide design recommendations aimed at delivering top-notch performance and quality.

Our products boast certifications from esteemed bodies such as CFE, NMX, ANSI, IEC, RETIE, and RUS. While we initially focused on porcelain products, our commitment to innovation led us to develop a distinguished range of polymer solutions.


Polymer Surge Arresters

Prolec Celeco specializes in manufacturing polymer surge arresters featuring a non-fragmented design and premium silicone rubber housings. Our distribution-type arresters are extensively utilized to safeguard distribution systems and equipment, including distribution transformers, reclosers, and capacitor banks, against overvoltages in lines and networks.

Surge Arresters

High & Low Voltage Bushings

Prolec Celeco holds the distinction of being Mexico’s largest manufacturer of bushings, uniquely offering 34.5kV class bushings with a lightning impulse resistance exceeding 250kV BIL. Bushings serve the crucial role of mechanically supporting conductors, isolating them from ground and other conductors, and withstanding mechanical loads and electrical voltages under various conditions. Committed to excellence, we produce high-quality polymer and porcelain bushings for both high and low voltage applications.


Wildlife protection with Prolec Celeco products

Wildlife interference is a major contributor to power interruptions, constituting up to 20% of all outages. In our commitment to grid reliability and animal protection, Prolec Celeco® provides a range of product solutions. Our wildlife guards adhere to regulations safeguarding migratory and endangered species, preventing costly energy interruptions, and ensuring the longevity of electrical equipment.

Wildlife Guards