Design Enhancements

Power Transformer Design Enhancements

At Prolec GE Waukesha, we understand that today’s utilities are driven to improve asset management more now than ever. This has led to higher loads over longer periods of time with less maintenance on an aging base of substation electrical equipment. The result: the need to repair and upgrade existing equipment with the latest available technology for increasing load capacity, improving reliability, eliminating “typical” failure modes and/or extending maintenance intervals. Our extensive experience in reverse engineering and our ability to redesign and upgrade has made our Components Group an industry leading provider of enhanced design replacement components.

We utilize the latest technology and design tools when developing a design enhancement. Our engineering team uses 3-D modeling to test-fit mating parts and determine acceptable tolerances as well as perform Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to evaluate mechanical stresses when redesigning an original part.

Design Enhancement Portfolio

  • ELR® (Extra Low Resistance) Series contact design for LTCs that eliminates heating and carbon build-up (coking)
  • Self aligning selector contacts and upgraded diverter castings for the FPE TC 525 and TC 546 load tap changers
  • Spring redesign using stainless steel capable of maintaining spring rate at higher operating temperatures
  • Upgraded oil circuit breaker interrupter materials with longer arc erosion life
  • Materials upgrade from moisture absorbing phenolic to moisture resistant fiberglass reinforced epoxy
  • Thorough in-house LTC overhauls/upgrades on many makes and models, including GE LRT200, Siemens TLH, TLF, TLG, & TLS series

Product Enhancement: UTT/UTT-A Cam Switch Update Assembly

Duplicate Function, More Robust Design

Designed as an economical and functional direct replacement for the OEM assembly, this re-engineered cam switch assembly for Westinghouse’s UTT and UTT-A Load Tap Changers offers precision-matched gears and all ball bearing construction for smooth, no-slip operation. This completely redesigned unit features a new electrical cam switch and can be “dropped in” without any modifications for quick and easy installation.

Improved Solution For OEM Part Replacement

  • High precision gear mechanism reduces/eliminates slippage
  • Simplified, robust design includes a Prolec GE Waukesha-proprietary electrical cam switch with silver-to-silver contact points for lower contact resistance (electrical switch also sold separately)

Quick Installation

  • Complete, “drop in” replacement includes all new cams, electrical switches and drive gear
  • Utilizes existing OEM wire harness
  • Factory-timed; no modifications necessary

Easy Timing Calabration

Position indicators and switches’ electrical states are silk-screened directly on the unit’s faceplate for easy timing verifications.


Waukesha Components Router in action UTT CAM Switch with Load Tap Changer PDA material analyser Load Tap Changer internals

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