Renewable Transformers

Unveiling the Future of Energy with Renewable Transformers

Renewable transformers are key players in the ever-evolving landscape of renewable energy, specifically in wind and solar power generation. Crafted to address the unique challenges of sustainable energy systems, these transformers guarantee high efficiency, reliability, and durability. They play a pivotal role in converting electricity voltage from renewable sources, seamlessly integrating it into the grid or enabling consumption by homes and businesses.

As a thriving joint venture since 1995, Prolec GE proudly stands as the largest transformer manufacturer in the Americas, leveraging over 60 years of industry wisdom. Our transformers are essential components in a diverse range of utility, commercial, and industrial applications. Through the application of high-grade materials and cutting-edge technology in design and manufacturing, we deliver transformers that promise years of dependable service.

Global Impact

Installed in over 35 countries worldwide, with a capacity exceeding 300,000 MVA, Prolec GE exhibits unparalleled engineering and manufacturing prowess. Specializing in designing, building, optimizing, and delivering transformative solutions to the electric industry, we have left an indelible mark on the global stage.


  • Offshore wind energy
  • Solar farms
  • Wind farms

Our project team adeptly manages every facet of your transformer package:

  • Rigging and mobilizations
  • Transportation
  • Installation
  • Storage
  • Preparation
  • Field Services
  • Maintenance
  • Training
  • Condition assessments
  • Spare parts

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Our Transformers

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