Prolec LABS

At Prolec Labs we carry out research and development projects related to the evaluation and testing of insulating, dielectric and magnetic materials, as well as new applications of intelligent electronic functions and applications that add value to our products.

We have laboratories for materials, electrical, electronics, virtual simulation and prototyping. We offer evaluation services for new materials and components.

We develop and test digital and power electronics systems, magnetic materials for transformers and insulating materials, liquids and solids.
Committed to innovation, we are proud to have developed a great product: VG-100, a plant insulating liquid that, among various advantages, contributes to the care and protection of the environment.

We are experts in validation testing of high temperature insulation systems; We design and carry out our own solutions for transformer monitoring and diagnosis as well as measurement and remote connection / disconnection of users.

We carry out the development of collaborative research projects, with an extensive network of specialists from national and international research centers and external consultants.

Call or email us to learn about energy solutions in our transformers, services, components and innovation business units.


Blvd. Carlos Salinas de Gortari Km. 9.25 Apodaca, N.L. 66600 México.

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